About us

The ultimate goal of our company is customer satisfaction.
Our colleagues work efficiently, reliably and speak the language of the customer.

Our Philosophy

Admittedly, when we were founded, we were not too concerned with the ideas of economics greats like Porter. Nevertheless, we seem to have done a lot things right.  At least, this confirms our solid, steady growth and feedback from our long-standing and growing customer base.

With our clients, we have an uncomplicated and cooperative approach, which usually results in a business relationship over many years.

In the fields, which we do not count to our core competences, we do not become active.  We would like to refer here to partner companies that have the same professional approach in their area as we do.

However, we are happy to help companies dealing with similar issues in critical situations without interfering with existing customer relationships.  The trust has in many cases led to long-term partnerships.

The main focus of our activities is the consultancy and support of complex and heterogeneous SAP landscapes.  We focus primarily not on revenue, but competence.  For 20 years, we have had experience and a team of employees in all of these areas, which has mastered even the most complex chllenges. Maintaining and developing this reputation is our top priority.  Then it will work with the revenue as well.

“Always to be the best, and to be distinguished above the rest. “

The Iliad, Homer (8th century BC); Greek poet

How to find us!

You will find our German Headquarter – BasisTeam IT Service & Consulting GmbH in der Massenbergstr. 19-21, 44787 Bochum, GERMANY.

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