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We offer a solution for an automated and optimized SAP system copy. Simple – Safe – Fast.

Automated and optimized SAP® system copy

Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) enables you to perform fully automated and optimized SAP system copies in the simplest way possible:

  • Without intervening in or changing your SAP environment.

  • Without time-consuming pre-planning.

  • With minimal turnaround time.

  • For different infrastructures:
    OS: Linux, Unix (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris) and Windows, System i and System z.
    DB: SAP HANA, Sybase/SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL and MaxDB

  • All Usagetypes.

  • Single stack (ABAP or Java) or dual stack.

  • With consistent copy quality.

  • Synchronous copy of entire system landscapes.

Especially in complex environments, SAP system copies regularly pose a time and technical challenge and thus become a real cost factor in the long run. This is because system copies must be scheduled at an early stage, are complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive, require specific knowledge, tie up important employee capacities due to the large number of manual interventions, and are error-prone.

Dennis Jäger
“Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) reduces the challenges of SAP system copy to starting and monitoring an automated process. Once set up, LSC ensures time-optimized and consistent execution of this complex process, no matter when or how frequently, and while maintaining a high degree of flexibility even in changing environments.”
Dennis Jaeger, BasisTeam

About Libelle SystemCopy

Your advantages with Libelle SystemCopy are obvious. Libelle SystemCopy …

  • requires no additional infrastructure components.

  • runs on all common operating systems.

  • works with all common databases such as SAP HANA®, Sybase/SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise, Oracle, DB2, MaxDB and MS SQL.

  • supports all usage types (ECC, CRM, SCM, APO, HR, BI, GTS, …).

  • optimizes workflows (e.g. BDLS, parallelization, …).

  • supports ABAP only, Java only, Doublestack.

  • can integrate your existing infratructure methods for the pure copy process, e.g. snapshots of storage vendors (alternatively the integrated Libelle own copy mechanism can be used).

  • is an open framework. Tasks can be quickly adapted to your needs.

  • does not change your SAP environment (servers, databases, operating systems, interfaces, etc.).

  • has an integrated function for automated documentation (e.g. of configurations).

  • is a pure server process and uses TCP/IP for data exchange.

  • is easily configured and monitored from any computer (via intuitive GUI or alternatively via Command Line).

  • can be easily installed on your SAP environments and can be used immediately.