SAP Solutions

We offer a solution for an automated and optimized SAP system copy. Simple – Safe – Fast.

Automated and optimized SAP® Systemkopie

Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) allows you to easily perform fully automated and optimized SAP system copies:

  • Without interfering into your SAP environment.

  • Without complex planning.

  • With minimal lead time.

  • For different infrastructures:
    OS: Linux, Unix (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris) and Windows, System i and System z
    DB: SAP HANA, Sybase / SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL and MaxDB

  • All Usagetypes as well as SAP R/3 or S/4HANA

  • Single Stack (ABAP or Java) or Dual Stack.

  • Always the same high quality.

  • Synchronous copy of entire system landscapes.

SAP system copies, especially in complex environments, regularly present a time-consuming and technically critical challenge and thus become a real cost factor in the long run. This is because system copies have to be scheduled early, are complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive, require specific knowledge, tie up important employee capacities due to the large number of manual interventions and are prone to error.

Once established, LSC ensures a time-optimized and consistent implementation of this complex process, no matter when and in what frequency, while maintaining a high level of flexibility, even in changing environments.

“The Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) reduces the challenges of an SAP system copy to starting and monitoring an automated process.”

About Libelle SystemCopy

Your benefits with Libelle SystemCopy are obvious. Libelle SystemCopy …

  • without any additional infrastructure component

  • runs on all common operating systems.

  • works with all common databases such as SAP HANA®, Sybase / SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise, Oracle, DB2, MaxDB and MS SQL.

  • supports all Usage Types (ECC, CRM, SCM, APO, HR, BI, GTS, …).

  • optimizes the processes (e.g., BDLS, parallelize, …).

  • supports ABAP only, Java only, Doublestack.

  • can incorporate with your existing infrastructure methods for the pure copy process, such as snapshots of the storage vendor (alternatively, the built-in the own Libelle copy mechanism can be used).

  • is an open framework. Tasks are quickly customizable to your needs.

  • does not change your SAP environment (servers, databases, operating systems, interfaces, etc.).

  • with built-in automated documentation feature (such as configurations).

  • is a pure server process and uses TCP / IP for data exchange.

  • is easily configured and monitored from any computer (via intuitive GUI or alternatively via command line).

  • is easy to install on your SAP environments and can be used immediately.